MapCraft Labs

MapCraft Labs is a modern multi-user web app which allows you to view and edit scenario inputs and quickly compute results.  Processes that were traditionally focused on creating a few representative spreadsheets - like pro forma real estate analyses - may now be run city-wide and aggregated to view disparate spatial impacts.  Scenarios can be tested in real time, results can be shared with stakeholders, and feedback can be gathered, all in the same tool.


Spreadsheet meet map

MapCraft Labs is hybrid spreadsheet and map. Copy and paste data to and from Excel. Use "paint" tools to modify each shape's attributes on the map. Calculations occur on the fly and visual outputs adjust accordingly.

Scenario comparison

Policy scenarios can be compared side-by-side either as maps or as charts. Quickly toggle between different scenarios to evaluate results and make informed decisions.

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Collaborative multi-user Environment

MapCraft Labs is a collaborative multi-user environment.  Edits are synchronized instantly and can be shared between users. Editing, administrator, and viewer permissions can be assigned to individual users, or the lab can be put in "public" mode for anonymous sharing. Change logs trace modifications to individual users.

Test Drive a MapCraft Lab


Our Lab demo is configured to calculate the feasibility of developing housing in Seattle metro submarkets. Users can modify market and policy inputs and the maps help explain how policies could play out in practice.

Labs Configured for Your Context

Define the analytics

Tell us more about the analytics you typically use or work with our strategic partners at ECONorthwest to create robust analyses specific to your needs. Labs often start as spreadsheet files containing computations specific to your circumstances. For example, real estate professionals often use spreadsheets to evaluate investment opportunities.

Convert to a Lab

We'll produce the analytics you need and configure a Lab. Alternatively, you can send us your spreadsheet and we will quickly apply your analytics to a set of geographies in the Labs environment. 

Take the show on the road

When the Lab is up and running, you are ready to utilize a collaborative, map-based environment to test scenarios and instantly visualize results. Share it with your internal team, decision makers, and the public. Or, use the robust spatial computations to develop insights that are all your own.

Get Answers to Your Urban Policy Questions

Gentrification and displacement

Evaluate the factors that influence gentrification and displacement to understand spatial implications for affordability and equity.


Affordable housing

Calibrate policies like inclusionary housing and density bonus programs that rely on market forces to deliver affordable housing.

Regional transportation Planning

Model potential land use impacts of regional transportation investments and visualize scenarios for policymakers.


School performance

Evaluate schools based on multi-criteria evaluation metrics and adjust criteria weights on the fly to better understand how individual school performance compares across a district, region, or state.

Urban growth potential

Simulate development potential parcel by parcel to understand growth capacity within jurisdictions or within regoinal urban growth boundaries.

Fiscal Impacts

Evaluate the fiscal impacts of future growth, especially the spatial distribution of generation and expenditures.


Geographic Equity

Compare the spatial distribution of costs and benefits of potential land use policies, economic development initiatives, and other public investments.

District Funding and Financing

Assess the public funding and bonding capacity of real estate-based tools like tax increment financing, local assessment districts, and development exactions.

Supporting Policy Analyses Nationwide

for-profit users remain undisclosed

MapCraft has entered into a strategic partnership with ECONorthwest to configure and deliver MapCraft's signature product, the Labs App, to ECO's clients in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Built on Experience

MapCraft's founders were inspired to produce our web applications following decades of work in urban planning consulting, real estate investment, and software development


Ian Carlton is a social entrepreneur and educator who helps people shape their cities in sustainable ways


Fletcher Foti is a conscientious coder whose projects seek to clearly communicate how our cities work


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